The Mojo Story

About Mojo Cellars

We live in the sun-drenched, vineyard-infused state of California. Although we find ourselves quite busy and, at times, overwhelmed with tending to the many vineyards which are scattered throughout the state, we never loose sight of our quest. We have some of the best vineyards for growing excellent quality wines. However, just having the vineyards isn’t enough -We find ourselves constantly in pursuit of producing the right amount of MOJO needed to complete our quest for the ultimate MOJO wines.

MOJO Wines are a culmination of blending our wonderful grapes from California’s most prestigious coastal regions and adding positive MOJO during the winemaking process, to create an appealing, positive wine that provides the right amount of self-confidence and self assuredness to master any situation. Each grape varietal is ensconced in positive MOJO during the winemaking process. Our winemaker plays music to our grapes during the entire fermentation process, ensuring that our grapes are “happy”. This musical fermentation is unique to MOJO cellars and is the key ingredient in producing the MOJO wines. For 21 straight days, the MOJO Cellars Winery is engrossed with musical sounds that “entertain” our grapes, so that they give us the wonderful MOJO wines.

MOJO is a pursuit of self-assuredness and self-confidence essential to internal success and happiness. Each MOJO wine is food-friendly and friend-foodly. MOJO wines are wonderfully drinkable for any occasion – especially with friends and family.